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Easy Simple Champagne Cocktails

Simple champagne cocktails such as Malibu cocktails and cranberry champagne cocktails are popular mixed drinks. Most champagne is made from one of three grapes-a white grape called Chardonnay, a grape called Pinot noir or a grape called Pinot Meunier.

Some people prefer to enjoy champagne by itself while others enjoy having it mixed with other great ingredients. Mixology is the art and science of mixed drinks and cocktails.

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Drink recipes which are used in mixology can involve ingredients which are warm or cold and individuals who enjoy mixology aim to mix the perfect concoction, no matter what the occasion. Individuals who study mixology are known as mixologists.

Video-How to Make a Champagne Cocktail

Most champagne is made from one of three grapes-a white grape called Chardonnay, a grape called Pinot noir or a grape called Pinot Meunier. The world’s most expensive champagne label is Diadema Diamente. Bottles of Diadema Diamente are covered with diamonds. In fact each bottle is covered with 134 diamonds.

One bottle of champagne contains over 200 million bubbles. Champagne flutes retain more of these bubbles than an ordinary glass, thereby helping to maintain the flavor of the champagne. If you are deciding among brands of champagne flutes, choose the best champagne flutes by looking for the ones that have a bowl diameter of less than three inches and a hollow stem.

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Easy Champagne Cocktails with Citrus Fruits
Citrus is always a welcome addition to any cocktail. The most common citrus fruits used in champagne cocktails are oranges and limes or lemons. High quality liquor and fresh citrus fruit juice, if available, make an excellent champagne cocktail.

Easy Champagne Cocktails with Bitters
A basic champagne cocktail can be made by adding champagne to a lump of sugar and bitters in a champagne flute. The bitters used can be Angostura bitters, Peychaud’s bitters or orange bitters. When mixing a champagne cocktail, add the other ingredients to the flute first and then fill the flute with champagne. Some people soak the sugar in the bitters first, before adding it to the champagne flute.
 Another champagne cocktail recipe mixes orange juice, apricot brandy and lemon bitters to the champagne in the flute to make the cocktail.
Peach Schnapps and bourbon can also be mixed with bitters and the champagne, added to the resulting combination.

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Easy Champagne Cocktails: International  Fruity Cocktails and Cocktail Party Drinks
A ‘Japanese typhoon’ can be made by mixing a shot of Midori lemon liqueur with champagne and ½ a shot of lime juice.
Crème de menthe is an alcoholic beverage which is sweet and flavored with mint leaves. It is available as white crème de menthe and dark green crème de menthe. Those who feel for something Irish can try ‘Arise My Love’. Mix a shot of crème de menthe with champagne. The resulting cocktail is green.

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Serving Champagne Cocktails: Cocktail Party Menu Ideas
Champagne goes well with fruit cake, sushi, salty foods or nuts. It’s important to serve champagne at the right temperature and champagne coolers can be used to help to keep the champagne cool. An attractive double wall ice bucket can be used in place of a champagne cooler.
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